May 19, 2024

David was born in the Southern Arkansas city of Camden, a mill town. Living a modest lower middle income lifestyle, the family worked their way to middle to upper middle class over decades. His father advanced in his career and became Fire Chief where David quickly learned what an impact politics had on city employees and how to work through the many challenges of city politics.
David graduated from Camden High School and subsequently earned a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Louisiana Monroe with honors.

He moved to Nashville in 1989 and was soon managing pharmacies for various big chains across the Nashville Metro area. He found it fulfilling to interact with and help heal people. During a leadership crisis at his Homeowners Association David agreed to run for Vice President if another resident Reverend Robert Stanley would run for President. Together, accepting the challenge they updated the legal paperwork allowing the HOA to vote electronically. They built a website enabling all members to send in their wants needs and concerns so they could quickly respond. It came in handy as Covid hit shortly afterwards. They were still able to function and vote remotely because they were prepared.

Benton learned how much good he could do for the community through the HOA and wanted to take it a step further by running for Councilman. Tanaka Vercher has done an excellent job for us according to David, but she has served her maximum 8 year term. Through this website, David plans to be available for you as he has been for the HOA.

David is married to his wife Lisa and they have 5 children including 5 grandchildren.

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